We are currently recruiting Postdocs

as a part of the BIO-IMAGINE project:
BIO-IMAGing in research INnovation and Education

BIO-IMAGINE is designed to stimulate development and application of multi-level cutting edge biological imaging techniques for improving the understanding of animal and human biology from molecular and organelle levels through cell function to the whole organism. In line with this approach, BIO-IMAGINE aims at fostering interactions of the Institute with leading research partners in Europe, expanding the scope of technologies used at the Institute and broadening its know-how. Over the recent years bio-imaging has become the primary investigation method at the Nencki Institute and represents one of its strategic development areas for the next decade. We are now looking for highly motivated experienced researchers to undertake bio-imaging projects focused on molecular, cellular, organelle and organism levels.

2 positions for Postdoctoral researchers are available

Net salary: up to 2400 EUR/month (the wage depends on candidate scientific experience)
Application deadline: first call for applications: March, 2011:  CLOSED
                            second call for applications: September, 2011: CLOSED

                            third call for applications: July, 2012: CLOSED

                            forth call for applications: November 4, 2012
Positions available from: December, 2012

Employment duration: 13 months 

For more details see: http://postdoc.nencki.gov.pl/index.php?a=recruitment

Applicants should hold a PhD degree in the field of life sciences, have extensive experience in visualization of bio-processes and expertise in molecular biology, cell biology and/or biochemistry. An oustanding academic track record is essential and at least one first author publication in a prominent journal is expected. 


For informal enquiries contact Ms Urszula Dziewulska u.dziewulska@nencki.gov.pl


The Project is supported by the EU FP7 Capacities programme (Research potential) 2011 - 2014 under grant agreement  No 264173


Created by Pawel Boguszewski.